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We met in Moscow - our first posting abroad for the Foreign Office - fell in love and got married. We lived in Moscow from July 1995 through July 1999 and moved to New York City afterwards where we stayed from August 1999 through August 2003 working at the German Permanent Mission to the United Nations and enjoying our time there. We liked the US very much - because of its size and variety of climatic zones and different regions it has been great for traveling. Between September 2003 and August 2006 we lived and worked in Berlin - a fine city and as good as any major capital we have been to so far. Since September 2006 we have been back to Moscow - our second time around here - and we are excited to be back and are already looking forward to what's coming next...

Barbara's Dave Barry Fan Page

Triple-N Destinations: Our latest holiday shots - Namibia, New York and New Zealand

Our family vacation to St. Petersburg in June 2009

Barbara's rose (and other flowers) garden - a (rainy) summer day at the Rosarium

This is where our Berlin pictures are - check out our current Moscow pictures here

The story about how we bought our car (in GERMAN only)

Our holiday photos - Trips we took during our stay in the US (North-Western, South-Western, South-Eastern states; Hawaii, Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls) and lots of other holiday destinations

Family and friends' picture gallery

These are the pictures we took when we lived in New York City:
A variety of our New York pictures
New York after September 11
These are our blizzard of '01 NYC winter pictures

Highlights from our first 4-year stay in Moscow between '95 and '99 - na zdorovye!
New Moscow pictures can be found here

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